We present ourselves:

The purpose of this charitable registered association is the support of a refugee project in Iraq.

It is projected to build shelters for refugees of all confessions from the North Iraq to Baghdad.

Hereby it is planned to build living quarters for families as well as for temporary or permanent use.

The association cooperates with the St. Rafael Hospital in Baghdad-Karada.  



Nikolaus H. Bonerz initiated this project, and hereafter he describes the reasons for establishing a registered and charitable association.


"Within the past 40 years, since my first visit to Baghdad in 1975, I expierienced a country more or less at war. The wars between Iraq and Iran and Kuwait reached their peak with the american invasion in 2003, also with the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.


After these years the country has been covered from North to South with assaults and blasted cars as well as suicide incidents until today.


During my stays in Iraq from 6 weeks to 3 years, I could see the population triying to get used to the extreme situation.


Managing a trading company employing ladies and gentlemen of various religious beliefs, contrary the outside world, there has never been any problem amongst them.


Daily life until today shows a lack of traffic connections, roadblocks and also of regular curfew in Baghdad. These circumstances let to a number of laws introduced, however not solving the normal peoples problems.


Additionaly for the last 2 years, the activities of ISIS ("Islamic State") have strained the problems to the utmost for the daily life.


All this results in regular flow of refugees from the North of the country to Baghdad.

So I took the decision to help these refugees in which way ever.


Together with the management of St. Rafael Hospital in the center of Baghdad, a plan developed to erect a compound with about 100 living-containers inhabitating refugees and their families."


The Aim 

For this purpose the hospital disposes of a piece of fenced ground in the outskirts of Baghdad.

These facilities are destined for permanent and temporary staying refugees.

Regarding the permanently staying inhabitants there exists nearby a church which is to be converted into a hospital within a few years.

That will allow employment and work for the refugees as per individual qualification.


Dear Friends of this project,  

certainly you received an impression of this project, which only depends on donations received.

Already there is a certain support given by public and religious institutions.

It is our request to please help these people presently fleeing from terror and murder. We are trying to provide them human living within their surrounding and habitat. Despite the circumstances they are all Iraqi citizen who do not all want to leave their country - even not seeing presently any future.

Therefore we rely on YOUR donations - whichever size it may be.

All donations will be used for the purchase of family containers and the equivalent furnishing.

If required, we shall issue an official receipt.

Further to this we welcome anyone to join the association of membership fee of presently EUR 12 p.a.

We count on YOU and please receive our thanks in advance.